Smart Glass Display Vitrines

For Fragile Art and Luxury Items


Smart Glass facade reduces light damage on fragile art, antiquities and luxury collections

Integrated environmental monitoring, tuned to the sensitivity of the materials

Integrated popularity monitor measures visitor engagement per vitrine

Vitrine Analytics bridges the gap between Web Analytics and Point-of-Sale Data


Imagine a vitrine cabinet that knows what is inside it. The item’s Fragility. Popularity. Significance.

Imagine a vitrine that can adapt in real-time to environmental changes to ensure the object is never over-exposed to light.

ArtRatio display vitrines offer a patent-pending solution based on smart glass, sensor-driven electronics and cloud-based analytics to balance the exhibition of works of art with their conservation. 

Our contextual data analytics system proactively reduces risk and enhances the visibility of art, protecting its condition and value for future generations.


The smart glass facade controls UV, visible and infrared entering the vitrine cabinet. We also monitor incident light and light exposure, crucial for textiles, works on paper and fugitive pigments.

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Controlling light reduces temperature gradients, fluctuations and photochemical damage on composite objects with differing coefficients of thermal expansion (source: CIE 157).

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Controlling the temperature reduces fluctuations in relative humidity (RH), reducing risk of embrittlement, mould or fungus on hygroscopic materials, such as wood, paper, ivory and parchment (source: CIE 157).

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Careful maintenance of RH reduces the risk of static charge build-up on internal insulative surfaces and stops the lift-off of friable media, such as graphite, pastels and charcoal.

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Reducing electrostatic charge build-up can reduce the transfer of dust and pollutants, improving air quality (source BSI PAS 198).


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James Scott, Deputy Curator (2014-2016), Royal Engineers Museum, UK.
“I worked with Manoj in 2014/15 on a project which helped  preserve one of our museum’s star objects; the Waterloo Map. Manoj was extremely helpful whilst putting together our bespoke solution and I would certainly recommend working with him in future”

Maria Poyatos, Manager, Spanish Guitar Museum, Almeria, Spain.

“Manoj manages to find the best in the people he works with and the projects which he develops. I have enjoyed Manoj’s excellent service and his continual search for improvement in his products: both professionalism and human quality in equal proportion”


Museums  |  Art Dealers  |  Private Collectors  |  Luxury Retailers

  • Reduce risk on fragile objects
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance
  • Increase the value of the collection

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