The ArtRatio Supervitrine

Sustainable Display of Art & Luxury


 Reveal exclusive art and luxury items only when approached

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Reduce long-term damage from light exposure

Monitor well-being and engagement per vitrine


Compare virtual vs. physical visits to your collection

The Meaning of ArtRatio

The ArtRatio Supervitrine is a patented and sustainable display concept based on smart glass, IoT and cloud-based analytics, to dynamically balance the conservation of art & luxury items with their exhibition. This allows more use of natural daylight in any space where collections of treasure and people cohabit.

Furthermore, the indices and ratios that we discover help you to decide when to display, conserve, loan, sell or store the objects, based on their risk of damage, their visibility and their popularity.

Sir Isaac Newton Private Collection, London
ArtRatio delivered a customised smart glass table to a private collector in London in July 2019 to showcase 4 books by Sir Isaac Newton, one of the fathers of classical mechanics.
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National Museum of Sweden
ArtRatio designed and built a customised smart glass table for the Nationalmuseum of Sweden to house a fragile collection of 15th century Books of Hours, the oldest items in their collection.
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Royal Engineers Museum
ArtRatio delivered a smart glass frame to reduce light damage on the original map of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo. This fragile document still has the pencil markings of the 1st Duke of Wellington on it.
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St. Johns College, Oxford University, UK

Royal Engineer’s Museum, UK

Missouri Historical Society, USA

National Museum of Sweden

Sotheby’s Institute of Art, UK

Wellcome Trust, UK

Mary Baker Eddy Library, USA

Spanish Guitar Museum, Spain

Van Cleef & Arpels, France

Martyn Downer Works of Art, UK

Private Collectors, UK

Harvard University (Center for Astrophysics)


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