Smart Glass Display Vitrines

For Fragile Art and Luxury Items


Smart Glass facade reduces light damage on fragile art and luxury collections


Integrated environmental monitor measures health of the artwork 24/7

Integrated popularity monitor measures visitor engagement per vitrine

Vitrine Analytics compares virtual vs. physical visits to the displayed object


Imagine a vitrine cabinet that knows what is inside it. The item’s Fragility. Popularity. Significance.

Imagine a vitrine that can adapt in real-time to environmental changes to ensure the object is never over-exposed to light.

ArtRatio display vitrines offer a patent-pending solution based on smart glass, sensor-driven electronics and cloud-based analytics to balance the exhibition of works of art with their conservation. 

Our contextual data analytics system proactively reduces risk and enhances the visibility of art, protecting its condition and value for future generations.



Museums  |  Dealers  |  Collectors  |  Retailers

  • Reduce risk on fragile objects
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance
  • Increase the value of the collection


In the Press

Smart Glass Table Hire

If you like the concept, but you are not sure yet if our products are right for you, try hiring our Demo Table.

Perfect for art fairs, rare book fairs, auction house pre-sales events and temporary exhibitions.

Only available at the moment in the UK.