About Us

ArtRatio manufactures patented smartglass vitrines to display art and luxury collections sustainably, by allowing natural light into the building facade and without jeopardising the items on display.

Our name stems from the Golden Ratio, used throughout the ages by artists, mathematicians and scientists to emulate the divine proportions found in nature.

Similar to financial securities, the indices and ratios that we discover about the collection through our cloud-based IoT platform help our customers to decide when to exhibit, conserve, loan, sell or store the objects, based on their risk of damage, visibility, popularity and potential change in value.

Institutional Partners

Institute of Conservation - Logo

ArtRatio is a sponsor of the UK Institute of Conservation and contributes to the ICON Policy Advisory Panel, lobbying the UK government on issues central to the art world.


ArtRatio partners with the SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology, backed by UCL, Oxford and Brighton universities.

LAPADA Approved Service Provider

ArtRatio are Approved Service Providers at LAPADA (the Association of Art and Antique Dealers in London) and co-sponsors of the 2017 annual conference at Westminster Palace.


ArtRatio is a commercial member of the Museums Association and 2016 co-sponsors of the MA Conference in Glasgow.

The Team

Manoj Phatak - CEO ArtRatio

Manoj Phatak

Founder & CEO

Manoj’s responsibilities at ArtRatio centre around making smart glass vitrines that define a perfect equilibrium between conservation and exhibition of art and luxury collections. Manoj is a Chartered Engineer at the UK Engineering Council and holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering from Southampton University and a Masters in Software Engineering from Oxford University. Since 2020, Manoj is a Guest Lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.

Carla Pohli - CMO - ArtRatio

Carla Pohli


Based full-time in Hong Kong, Carla’s experience as Advertising Director at The Asian Wall Street Journal made her accountable to the Dow Jones management board, bringing experience and insight across all industries, with particular emphasis on the luxury sector. As President of ArtRatio, Carla helps our customers to showcase exclusive art and luxury collections in sustainable and innovative ways. Carla has degrees in Japanese and Linguistics.

Joaquin Poquet - CAO ArtRatio

Joaquín Poquet

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

With a degree in Fine Arts from Valencia University and a Masters degree in Cultural Heritage, Joaquin has over 20 years of experience in managing art collections for several Spanish museums. Joaquin’s responsibilities at ArtRatio involve the design, production and delivery of our products to clients worldwide.

Ariane Moser

Ariane Moser

Chief Art Officer (CAO)

Ariane brings a wealth of art world experience including risk management, research and due diligence gained while at the Art Recovery Group and ArtBanc International in London. Ariane also sits on the board of a US-based non-profit within the cultural heritage sector. With studies in Art History and Sinology from Zurich University and an MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Ariane helps to bridge the gap between art world trends and ArtRatio technological solutions.

Neil Shorney, Business Development Director (UK), for ArtRatio

Neil Shorney

Business Development Director (UK)

As Business Development Director at ArtRatio, Neil manages to combine his love for the arts with his love of professional selling. A music graduate and active musician (he plays the ‘cello), Neil spent much of his early career working for Informa plc, the London-based global information provider, as Sales Manager for their project management division. He is a firm believer in the value of business relationships through a thorough understanding of a client’s situation, and providing exactly what they need. Neil is a fluent French speaker, and has a passion for classical music, interesting bibles, and fine wines.

The Meaning of ArtRatio

Our name points to the need to discover the ‘indices and ratios’ underlying art and luxury collections, much as we do for financial securities. In fact, these ‘treasure assets’ often form part of a diversified investment portfolio to hedge against market volatility. Our proactive risk mitigation strategy helps our customers to maintain the market value of their collections, and is tuned to the potential risk of damage to the items, their photopic visibility and their popularity.