About Us

ArtRatio is a boutique manufacturer of smart glass vitrines to protect and display fragile art, antiques and luxury items.

Our name stems from the Golden Ratio, used by artists, architects, mathematicians and scientists, from Euclid to Da Vinci to Dalí, to emulate the divine proportions found in nature.

ArtRatio aims to combine the beauty of mathematics and art, analysing conservation data in order to reduce risk on fragile collections and to enhance their visibility.

Our Partners

Logo LAPADA Transparent

ArtRatio is an Approved Service Provider at LAPADA, the association of art and antiques dealers in London. We were the 2017 co-sponsors of the LAPADA Conference held in Westminster Palace.

Museums Association - Corporate Member Logo

ArtRatio is a corporate member of the Museums Association and 2016 co-sponsors of the MA Conference in Glasgow.

Institute of Conservation - Logo

ArtRatio is a sponsor of the UK Institute of Conservation and contributes to the ICON Policy Advisory Panel, lobbying the UK government on issues central to the art world.


ArtRatio partners with the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology, backed by UCL, Oxford and Brighton universities.

The Team

Manoj Phatak - CEO ArtRatio

Manoj Phatak

Founder & CEO

Manoj’s responsibilities at ArtRatio centre around making beautiful, innovative products that define a perfect equilibrium between conservation and exhibition of art and luxury collections. Manoj is a Chartered Engineer at the UK Engineering Council and holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering from Southampton University and a Masters in Software Engineering from Oxford University.

Joaquin Poquet - CAO ArtRatio

Joaquín Poquet

Chief Art Officer

With a degree in Fine Arts from Valencia University and a Masters degree in Cultural Heritage, Joaquin has over 20 years of experience in managing art collections for several Spanish museums. Joaquin’s responsibilities as CAO at ArtRatio involve a deep analysis of the requirements of each work of art so that our solutions are finely tuned to the needs of each object and to our client’s specific objectives.

José Carrasco - CTO ArtRatio

José Carrasco

Chief Technology Officer

With a Masters in Physics and a Doctorate in Electronics Engineering, José’s past experience includes research work at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands. As CEO of our technology partners Emxys, José participates in projects for the space and industrial sectors. Now, in his parallel role as CTO of ArtRatio, José brings extensive knowledge in power electronics to the systems that control our patent-pending display cases.

Carla Pohli - Business Development Director APAC

Carla Pohli

Chief Marketing Officer

Carla’s previous experience as Advertising Director at The Asian Wall Street Journal made her accountable to the Dow Jones Management Board, bringing experience and insight into the luxury retail sector. As ArtRatio’s Chief Marketing Officer (based in Hong Kong), Carla helps our customers to showcase art collections in sustainable and cost-effective ways. Carla has degrees in Japanese and Linguistics.