The Byzantine Necklace – Legacy of an EmpireGold,Byzantine,Necklace,-,Expensive,Greek,Evil,Eye,Jewelry

Byzantium hugely influenced orthodoxy and design, both elements being reflected in architecture, artistic style in painting and the decorative arts; in particular jewellery.

Why is the Kimono considered Art?kimono light background

Why is the kimono considered art, and is it a collectible? We look at the various elaborate and unique aspects that make a kimono a highly prized, valuable work of art with collector demand.

Collectors: How to find your art styleWoman hanging painting home contemporary living room scaled

What is art style, and how does it guide successful collecting? We show that it is buying what you love, combined with the necessary education and due diligence, that leads to multi-faceted rewards of collecting art.

Is AI a Commodity?mobile phone showing a commodities trading platform sits next to real life commodities

Artificial intelligence cannot be considered a commodity, since the property of ‘having intelligence’ is not tradable or fungible. We argue that AI happily exists today as a highly differentiated technology in an imperfect market with huge opportunities for innovation.

Art Tech: Works of Art as Architectural BIM ComponentsBIM 3D render house blueprints energy charts green fields

Architects are now poised to incorporate ‘digital twins’ of artworks into their 3D building models to optimise their conservation, visibility, security and visitor experience during the design of the building.

Why are NFTs bad for the environment?NFT marketplace

With global concern over the environmental impact of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there is a growing movement to limit energy-intensive mining and trading of crypto-assets on the blockchain.

Should Kim Kardashian have worn THAT dress?mannequin-dress

Kim Kardashian’s controversial entrance at the 2022 Met Gala in Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday Mr. President” glass dress has raised questions around ethics amongst textile conservators and the general public.

Fine Art and Photopic VisionGustav Klimt The Beethoven Frieze

It is only with photopic (or daylight) vision that collectors and artworld professionals can enjoy or appraise colours and details on fine art with clarity.

Color Rendering for Museum-Quality ArtJoaquin_Sorolla_y_Bastida_-_La_playa_de_Valencia

Understanding color rendering for museum-quality art in the context of the magical paintings by Joaquín Sorolla, 19th century Spanish ‘painter of light’

Expert Interview with Matina Agio of The Inheritance MuseMatina Agio

Matina Agio of The Inheritance Muse in Athens shares her insights on the dynamic, emotional and creative forces involved in managing the process of inheritance.