Art for Weary Travellers in Airports​Business private jet

Art for Weary Travellers in Airports Museum-quality art exhibitions in airports can soothe weary travellers, allowing an escape from laptops and mobile phones. The key is to find a balance between the display of fragile artworks and their conservation. Nearly one billion visitors passed through the ten busiest airports in the world in 2018, suffering […]

Displaying Art Collections on SuperyachtsSuperyacht Dubai Marina front side view

Displaying Art Collections on Superyachts Extremes in temperature, humidity and light can damage fragile collections of art and luxury items exhibited at sea. We recommend special protection when displaying your treasure on a superyacht. Displaying Art At Sea Marine environments are particularly prone to extremes in sunlight, temperature, humidity, air quality and vibration.  Sunlight is […]

A Calculated Risk on ArtCello-black-background

A Calculated Risk on Art Automotive insurers nowadays offer a ‘black box’ for your vehicle (either GPS hardware or via a smartphone app) and incentivise good driving with reduced annual premiums [1]. Why not adopt the same concept in the art world? Art Condition and Insurance Any art collection needs insurance against transit, theft, fire […]

Authenticating Luxury in the Age of SuperfakesWoman sexy legs with handbag

Authenticating Luxury in the Age of Superfakes Is it really possible you’ve bought a fake by mistake? Sure, consciously buying fakes might be tempting to some; Getting that “it” bag without making it an investment? A “Rolex” that looks like the legitimate status symbol? Fine jewelry copies for a fraction of the real Bling? Let’s […]

Marble Antiquities and Natural LightMarble-building-Tinos-island

Marble Antiquities and Natural Light The Ancient Connection of Marble with Light So, here is the big story: Not all ancient Greek marble sculptures were originally white. Some were polychromatic [1]. And guess what? Yep, they have all faded with light over the millennia. Derived from the ancient Greek verb “marmairo”, marble means “to glow”. […]

Which Artwork Materials Fade Most with UV?Faded Antique Colours

Which Artwork Materials Fade Most with UV? Short Answer The most UV-sensitive artwork materials include silk, nylon, most colour photographs, most dyes used for tinting paper in the 20th century, lake pigments, wood pulp papers and even alcohol-preserved zoological specimens.  Don’t take our word for it. This is according to the British Standards Institute document […]

Art and Colour Temperature

Art and Colour Temperature Changing a Light Bulb If you recently had to buy a lightbulb and found yourself overwhelmed by the technical terms on the back of the package, then you are in the right place. Colour temperature, colour rendering, lumens, lumens per Watt. It can seem daunting (and believe me, it is).  This […]

Retail AnalyticsLuxury Retail Handbags

Retail Analytics For Art and Luxury What Do Your Customers Want? A simple question requires a simple answer, right? Retail Analytics, combined with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) can provide many answers, by measuring where your customers go, what they look at most, when they are most likely to visit and how long they spend in different […]

Protecting Fine Wine Collections from Light ExposureFine Wine Collection

Protecting Fine Wine Collections from Light Exposure Sunlight. The reason why life exists on this planet. And one of the main mechanisms whereby life is recycled by the planet, in a continuous process of deterioration and rebirth of all organic matter. We are all perishable, as are the goods we most treasure. That includes our […]

IncunabulaIncunabula Gutenberg Bible

Incunabula Gutenberg Bible (ca. 1455), New York Public Library.  Attibution: By NYC Wanderer (Kevin Eng) – originally posted to Flickr as Gutenberg Bible, CC BY-SA 2.0,  Introduction On several occasions, ArtRatio have had the chance to work with dealers and collectors of rare books and manuscripts and many tell us exotic stories about their collections […]