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Webinar on Fine Art and Specie Insurance for Superyachts

Webinar: Fine Art & Specie Insurance for Superyachts

This webinar explores the risks and solutions for fine art and specie in the hostile marine environment. Risks include UV, saline air and physical movement, which can lead to either gradual deterioration of the items or their complete destruction.

Ariane Moser

Expert Interview with Ariane Moser of Artive

In this Expert Interview with Ariane Moser of Artive we explore at-risk art collections, sustainable business models and Artive’s noble mission to protect the world’s cultural heritage.

Roll World Dice Global Risk Art

The Problem with Due Diligence in the Art Market

Due diligence in an art transaction is about verifying what you are buying and who you are dealing with, so as to minimise your exposure to risk. Our Expert Guest, Pandora Mather-Lees from gives some essential advice in this regard for collectors.

ArtRatio Frame Vitrine - Lit

Patent 2020

ArtRatio will be granted a patent by the European Patent Office in Sept 2020 for an algorithm which balances exhibition and conservation of all light-sensitive objects. This opens up applications far beyond art and luxury, such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals and retail.

Honoré Daumier, The Print Collector, c. 1857/63, Art Institute of Chicago

How Well Do You Know Your Artworks?

Our Expert Guest, Aubrey Catrone of Proper Provenance, comments on how provenance research and collection cataloging can protect art collections.

Podcast Microphone

FoundersPlace Podcast

This podcast by FoundersPlace with ArtRatio discusses how customer-centric businesses need to pivot to the changing needs of the client.


A Calculated Risk on Art

Art insurers can help to retain the market value of art, reducing risk and rewarding collectors using Black Box insurance.

Abstract hand drawn oil painting on canvas

Art and Colour Temperature

The Colour Temperature of a light source is a measure of its appearance and can decide whether the artwork appears as intended by its author.

Luxury Retail Handbags

Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics measures where our customers are spending time when browsing our products at a trade fair, retail store or art gallery.

Incunabula Gutenberg Bible


Incunabula are works from the era of Early Printing (1450s to 1501) and can take the shape of books, broadsides or pamphlets.

KRION Display Table Interior at the Nationalmuseum of Sweden

Krion for Art Collections

Krion is an engineered solid surface from Porcelanosa which has properties ideal for collections of art, antiquities and luxury items.

Antique book

Antique Art and the Light Spectrum

How natural sunlight affects art and how the optical characteristics of SPD smartglass can help to reduce light damage on fragile materials.

Stock market graph

Art and Economic Value

We look at how exhibition and conservation need to be balanced in order to maximise the value of an art or luxury collection.

Museum Income 2017

Monetisation of Cultural Assets

We discuss how museums could generate new revenue by working with sponsors and end up playing a more profitable role in the art market.

Yale University Museum

Natural Light In Museums

This article discusses lighting strategies for museums, galleries and private collections bringing daylight for improved sustainability.


Art in the Age of Analytics

Big data analytics has the potential to highlight the traceability which exists in the art world connecting silos across an organisation.