The Byzantine Necklace – Legacy of an EmpireGold,Byzantine,Necklace,-,Expensive,Greek,Evil,Eye,Jewelry

Byzantium hugely influenced orthodoxy and design, both elements being reflected in architecture, artistic style in painting and the decorative arts; in particular jewellery.

Why is the Kimono considered Art?kimono light background

Why is the kimono considered art, and is it a collectible? We look at the various elaborate and unique aspects that make a kimono a highly prized, valuable work of art with collector demand.

Collectors: How to find your art styleWoman hanging painting home contemporary living room scaled

What is art style, and how does it guide successful collecting? We show that it is buying what you love, combined with the necessary education and due diligence, that leads to multi-faceted rewards of collecting art.

Skagen, Denmark: Land of Light and ArtKrøyer Sommerdag ved Skagens Sønderstrand 1884

Skagen is the second-largest fishing port in Denmark and the home of a striking school of painting, only recently commanding impressive prices at auctions across Europe.

Color Rendering for Museum-Quality ArtJoaquin_Sorolla_y_Bastida_-_La_playa_de_Valencia

Understanding color rendering for museum-quality art in the context of the magical paintings by Joaquín Sorolla, 19th century Spanish ‘painter of light’

Overstone Art Market Liquidity Insights 2020Harco van den Oever - Overstone Art

While 2020 was clearly a volatile year in the art market, the second half included sustained online activity. Although the market contracted 40% in volume, the total number of offered lots sold well, and the overall market liquidity (as measured by the Overstone liquidity scoring system) rose over 2020. Our Expert Guest, Harco van den Oever, CEO of Overstone Art tells us more.

Displaying Art Collections in Space HotelsView on earth from space hotel

With a nascent space tourism sector looking to move humankind into orbit sometime this decade, why not ponder a museum-quality art collection while we gaze from a space hotel at beautiful planet Earth? Our guest writer, Chloe Aboud, tells us more.

What are the Lindisfarne Gospels?Carpet page from the Lindisfarne Gospels with stylised cross and colourful knot work.

The Lindisfarne Gospels (created in 715 AD by Bishop Eadfrith) consist of 259 leaves of vellum (calf skin) depicting the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Museum Deaccessioning vs. The Thriving Online Art MarketChloe Aboud

The stark contrast between the buzzing art market in 2021 and the grappling museum industry could not be more pronounced. Our guest writer, Chloe Aboud comments on how museum deaccessioning could help the museum sector to survive the pandemic.

Protecting the Value of Fine Art and Luxury ItemsRetro compass old map

ArtRatio is launching a pilot programme to help collectors and retailers estimate the risk of gradual damage on art and luxury items, pre-empting potential drops in market value and proving good ownership to insurers.