Protecting the Value of Fine Art and Luxury Items with ArtRatio DashboardRetro compass old map

ArtRatio is launching a pilot programme to help collectors and retailers estimate the risk of gradual damage on art and luxury items, pre-empting potential drops in market value and proving good ownership to insurers.

Risk Mitigation for Fine Art and Specie InsurersVintage jewelry

We discuss why mitigating the risk of gradual damage to art and luxury items is necessary to protect their long-term market value and ensure the continuity of insurance premiums.

Cross-Selling in the Online Art and Luxury SectorBlack woman's hands with gold jewelry

If the online art & luxury trade provided more customer value through cross-selling, it could add an extra $12.5 Billion to the sector.

The Problem with Due Diligence in the Art MarketRoll World Dice Global Risk Art

Due diligence in an art transaction is about verifying what you are buying and who you are dealing with, so as to minimise your exposure to risk. Our Expert Guest, Pandora Mather-Lees from gives some essential advice in this regard for collectors.

The Rafael Exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale in RomeScuderie del Quirinale

The Raphael exhibition, marking his 5th centenary, runs until June 2020 at the Scuderie del Quirinale and features 200 of his masterpieces.

The Reinvention of Bohemian Glass SculptureBeranek-Monaco

Bohemian crystal represents quality craftsmanship and Vlastimil Beránek pioneers work in contemporary studio glass and crystal sculpture.

Reputation Management in the Art WorldLondon-Skyline

Reputation management is essential for collectors, dealers and advisors, whose lives depend on good standing, integrity and professionalism.

How Well Do You Know Your Artworks?Honoré Daumier, The Print Collector, c. 1857/63, Art Institute of Chicago

Our Expert Guest, Aubrey Catrone of Proper Provenance, comments on how provenance research and collection cataloging can protect art collections.

An Exclusive Collection of Ancient Greek Coins from the MediterraneanSilver Tetradrachm (c. 350-345 BC)

An expert view of rare coins of antiquity from the most beautiful Greek and Italian islands, by our guest writer, Ema Sikic of Stanley Gibbons.

Art for Weary Travellers in Airports​Business private jet

Museum-quality art, exhibited with care in airports, could soothe weary travellers, reducing stress, jet lag, tiredness and boredom.