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Retail Analytics For Art and Luxury What Do Your Customers Want? A simple question requires a simple answer, right? Retail Analytics, combined with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) can provide many answers, by measuring where your customers go, what they look at most, when they are most likely to visit and how long they spend in different […]

Price Traceability In The Art WorldStock Market Image

Price Traceability in the Art World Introduction According to the Art Dealer’s Association of America (Ref. 1), the key issues behind determining the price of artworks include:- Authenticity: an original work of art as opposed to a reproduction (Ref. 2) Quality: evaluation of the work within the context of art history and the artist’s oeuvre […]

Art in the Age of Analyticsmulticoloured-pebbles-on-beach

Art in the Age of Analytics Introduction We are all connected. We are all ephemeral. So is Art.​ So why, in this age of Big Data, is it not possible to track the impact on art price of a substantial change in art condition? Doing so continuously would improve the longevity of the artwork, making […]