Marble Antiquities and Natural LightMarble-building-Tinos-island

Marble Antiquities and Natural Light The Ancient Connection of Marble with Light So, here is the big story: Not all ancient Greek marble sculptures were originally white. Some were polychromatic [1]. And guess what? Yep, they have all faded with light over the millennia. Derived from the ancient Greek verb “marmairo”, marble means “to glow”. […]

Which Artwork Materials Fade Most with UV?Faded Antique Colours

Which Artwork Materials Fade Most with UV? Short Answer The most UV-sensitive artwork materials include silk, nylon, most colour photographs, most dyes used for tinting paper in the 20th century, lake pigments, wood pulp papers and even alcohol-preserved zoological specimens.  Don’t take our word for it. This is according to the British Standards Institute document […]

Art and Colour TemperatureAbstract hand drawn oil painting on canvas

Art and Colour Temperature Changing a Light Bulb If you recently had to buy a lightbulb and found yourself overwhelmed by the technical terms on the back of the package, then you are in the right place. Colour temperature, colour rendering, lumens, lumens per Watt. It can seem daunting (and believe me, it is).  This […]

Protecting Fine Wine Collections from Light ExposureFine Wine Collection

Protecting Fine Wine Collections from Light Exposure Sunlight. The reason why life exists on this planet. And one of the main mechanisms whereby life is recycled by the planet, in a continuous process of deterioration and rebirth of all organic matter. We are all perishable, as are the goods we most treasure. That includes our […]

IncunabulaIncunabula Gutenberg Bible

Incunabula Gutenberg Bible (ca. 1455), New York Public Library.  Attibution: By NYC Wanderer (Kevin Eng) – originally posted to Flickr as Gutenberg Bible, CC BY-SA 2.0,  Introduction On several occasions, ArtRatio have had the chance to work with dealers and collectors of rare books and manuscripts and many tell us exotic stories about their collections […]

Krion for Art CollectionsKRION Display Table Interior at the Nationalmuseum of Sweden

KRION® for Art Collections A Functional Material, Ideal for Museums and Collectors Photo credits: Anna Danielsson, Nationalmuseum Introduction KRION® is an engineered solid surface material from Porcelanosa in Spain. It is based on Alumina Trihydrate and resins, which gives it properties ideal for placing in direct contact with fragile collections of art, antiquities and luxury […]

Antique Art and the Light SpectrumAntique book

Antique Art and the Light Spectrum Introduction It is a common misconception that only ultra-violet light can damage art and antiques. As stated in Technical Report 157 from the CIE (International Commission on Illumination, based in Austria), there are two principal processes by which museum art can degrade: 1. Photochemical Action This can result in irreversible molecular change […]

How to Protect Art from Sunlight Using Smart GlassSunlight and Leaves

How to Protect Art from Sunlight Using Smart Glass Introduction This article shows how to protect art from sunlight using smart glass (also known as electro-optic glass or switchable glass). This involves not only reducing light exposure on museum quality works of art but also allowing exhibition of the object in human photopic vision. This is achieved by […]

Natural Light In MuseumsYale University Museum

Balancing Natural Light in Museum Galleries with Fragile Art Collections Harvard Art Museums, recipient of the LEED Gold award in 2015 Introduction Art collections can reside in museums, corporations or private residences. The trend towards greener, healthier and more sustainable buildings requires architects to reconcile the need for increased daylighting with the need to protect […]