Why are NFTs bad for the environment?NFT marketplace

With global concern over the environmental impact of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there is a growing movement to limit energy-intensive mining and trading of crypto-assets on the blockchain.

Fine Art and Photopic VisionGustav Klimt The Beethoven Frieze

It is only with photopic (or daylight) vision that collectors and artworld professionals can enjoy or appraise colours and details on fine art with clarity.

The State of Art ProtectionBill Anderson, ArtGuard

Our guest writer, Bill Anderson of ArtGuard, looks at the current state of art protection technologies for museums and private collections.


ArtRatio has been granted a European Patent for an algorithm which dynamically balances light, revolutionising the global display of all physical goods

Which Artwork Materials Fade Most with UV?Faded Antique Colours

The most UV-sensitive artwork materials include silk, nylon, colour photographs, 20th century dyes on tinted paper and lake pigments.

Art and Colour TemperatureAbstract hand drawn oil painting on canvas

The Colour Temperature of a light source is a measure of its appearance and can decide whether the artwork appears as intended by its author.

Protecting Fine Wine Collections from Light ExposureFine Wine Collection

Wine photoactivates at visible and ultraviolet wavelengths, resulting in odours and tastes which can ruin a luxury wine collection.

Krion for Art CollectionsKRION Display Table Interior at the Nationalmuseum of Sweden

Krion is an engineered solid surface from Porcelanosa which has properties ideal for collections of art, antiquities and luxury items.

Antique Art and the Light SpectrumAntique book

How natural sunlight affects art and how the optical characteristics of SPD smartglass can help to reduce light damage on fragile materials.

How to Protect Art from Sunlight Using Smart GlassSunlight and Leaves

How smart glass can reduce light damage on fragile art, antiques and luxury items, at the same time allowing exhibition in photopic vision.