For public museums, galleries and national archives looking for an alternative to UV filters, window blinds, object rotation schemes and dimmed interior lighting.

Our presence-driven smart glass display vitrines replace all these costs with one single investment, tuned to the specific light sensitivity of each object.

Private and Corporate Collectors

For private collectors who wish to place items in residences which may not conform to museum standards in terms of controlled lighting, temperature and humidity.

For corporations wishing to put items on permanent or temporary display for clients without risking damage to fragile materials.

Dealers and Auction Houses

Give your customers a stunning presentation of jewellery, antique watches and portrait miniatures at your own premises or at art fairs.

Consider investing in the future of art conservation and add value to your customer relationships by cross-selling your art and antiques merchandise with our products.

Architects and Interior Designers

Achieve green building certification by placing only the art collection in darkness, whilst allowing abundant daylighting within the building envelope. ​

Our products help you to achieve increased daylighting as per LEED v4 and BREEAM and also comply with art conservation constraints from BSI PAS 198, CIE 157 and SLL Lighting Guide 8.

Luxury Retailers

Hide your most exclusive products in our opaque vitrines and entice your clients to discover them with a stunning display of jewellery, luxury bags and textiles.

Our products count the number of seconds an item has been viewed, offering an invaluable marketing metric across your global chain of distributors and resellers.

Art Insurers

Aimed at proactively reducing risk on fragile art and antique collections, ArtRatio conservation vitrines allow art insurers to mitigate the uninsurable threat of gradual damage due to fluctuations in temperature, humidity, air quality and light.