Smart Glass Table Hire

Perfect for art fairs, rare book fairs, temporary exhibitions and auction house private sales

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  • Built from conservation-compliant heat-treated beechwood
  • Integrated intranet monitors temperature, humidity and light inside the table
  • Humidity compartment for silica gel
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  • Smart glass facade limits light damage and gives after-hours security
  • Internal LEDs are dimmable
  • Proximity sensor triggers smart glass and LEDs only when someone is nearby (max detection range: 2m)
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  • Abloy security locks
  • Adjustable feet for uneven floors
  • Configurable delay avoids rapid on / off switching
  • Popularity metrics show total time objects have been viewed

External Dimensions: W90 x D50 x H80 cm

Internal Dimensions: W75 x D34 x H10 cm

Entice your customers with the display of fragile art & luxury items

Rare Books | Jewellery | Fine Art | Antique Maps


Ideal for Art Fairs
£ 390
per day + VAT
  • Central London only


Ideal for Temporary Exhibitions
£ 990
per week + VAT
  • Greater London only


Ideal for Museums, Galleries & Luxury Retailers
£ 2500
per month + VAT
  • Mainland UK only

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