Programmable Sunlight

ArtRatio Programmable Sunlight pipes natural light from Parans rooftop solar collectors into display cases located deep inside building interiors, giving the ultimate in sustainable display. Ideal for high jewellery, luxury watches and designer objects.

How This Works

Parans solar collector

Harvesting Sunlight

In collaboration with Parans, ArtRatio harvests natural sunlight using rooftop solar collectors which follow the sun to maximise light capture.

Optical Fibre

Sunlight is piped from the rooftop collectors via optical fibres (up to 100m in length) to locations deep inside the building interior, where natural light might be scarce. The cables can be routed in the ceiling and flooring and thus hidden from view.

Optical Fibre
LED Luminaire

Sunlight Luminaire

The optical fibres feed into a Parans ‘sunlight luminaire’, equipped with smart glass, to dim (or switch off) the sunlight on demand. Interior LEDs augment the natural light automatically whenever the building is under cloud cover or at night.

Powered By Sunlight

The sunlight luminaire and LEDs together power the display vitrine with light of the highest quality. Both can be activated by proximity sensor, allowing for dynamic exhibition of your items, or by timer. Various display modes are configurable from the ArtRatio Operating System.

ArtRatio Case Vitrine - Lit

The Ultimate in Sustainable Display

Perfect for the display of high jewellery, luxury watches and design objects, the light has, by definition, a colour rendering index (CRI) of 100, and a colour temperature of about 6000K. 


Exclusive reveal of high-end luxury items on demand, thanks to the integration of the sunlight luminaire and the smart glass.


Dynamic connection to the exterior. When a cloud passes over the building, a shadow will momentarily ‘pass over’ your items in the display vitrine.


The visibility, well-being, risk of damage and customer engagement of your collections are monitored 24/7 on the ArtRatio Cloud.