Display as a Service (DaaS)

Heard of Movies-as-a-Service? (think Netflix)

Mobility-as-a-Service? (think Uber)

There is even Lighting-as-a-Service.

Now say hello to an innovative new business model that allows institutions, retailers and collectors to benefit from a managed service to display art, antiquities and luxury items.

No up-front capital expenditure. No funding problems. No cashflow issues.

Instead we charge a monthly fee and manage the display vitrines for you.

Installation, upgrades, maintenance, recycling – all included.

Krøyer fiskere trækker vod

Why Display as a Service?

Collection Care

Since all ArtRatio display solutions incorporate Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors, we are ideally placed to notify you as soon as issues arise. Our cloud-connected analytics software also allows us to predict and minimise risks to your most valuable items. All this is included in our maintenance plan, which forms an integral part of this service.


Capital expenses are recorded as assets on your balance sheet and can only reduce your taxable income when they are depreciated. Our monthly subscription, on the other hand, is an operating expense, which is wholly tax-deductible.

Ongoing Maintenance and repairs

LEDs need replacing? Sensors need recalibrating every 2 years? Firmware upgrades for enhanced functionality? All this is included in our service, at no extra cost.

Sustainable and Circular

ArtRatio Table Vitrine - Dark

Reduce Energy Consumption

Since all ArtRatio vitrines are activated only when someone is present to view the item, energy consumption is substantially reduced across the entire building.

This will depend, of course, on the popularity of each artwork but thanks to the ArtRatio Indices of Popularity and Risk, you can stay one step ahead of foreseeable spikes in energy usage, and balance this with your preventive conservation strategy.

Reduce Technology Obsolescence

As new technologies are developed which reduce operational costs and improve the display and conservation of your items, we will upgrade our tech annually to ensure your collection is getting the best care possible.

ArtRatio Table Vitrine - Lit
Mastekhin smeared in oil paint

Increase Operational Lifespan

Simply stated: if we take proactive care of the display hardware, it will last longer and provide better care of your collection.

By monitoring the data coming from each vitrine, we can foresee problems and act accordingly, either replacing the electronics or fixing field-level issues due to normal wear-and-tear. Under a normal 2-year warranty, wear-and-tear is not covered.

Under our Display-As-A-Service agreement, it is.


When leasing a display case, you (as the owner) are responsible for requesting (and paying for) maintenance and upgrades.

With our managed service, it is ArtRatio which takes over this ownership and responsibility, freeing up time for you to dedicate to other tasks.

Furthermore, since ArtRatio products are always connected to the Cloud, we can remotely monitor the variables which matter to you and suggest preventive measures to reduce conservation risk and enhance the visitor experience when they see your collection.

At the end of the contract, you can choose to renew it, or cancel it, whereby we will then remove the display vitrines for subsequent resale, hire or recycling, thus benefitting the circular economy.

ArtRatio Operating System - Intranet Dashboard

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