ArtRatio Partner Programme

Institutional Partners

Sothebys Institute of Art

ArtRatio has offered thought leadership training on the Sotheby’s Institute ‘MA in Art Logistics’ programme under the stewardship of Programme Director, Gareth Fletcher. Lecture content included topics on display vs. conservation of art collections, IoT-based risk mitigation for art insurance, sustainable art collections and innovation in the art world.


ArtRatio partners with the SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology, backed by UCL, Oxford and Brighton universities.

Commercial Partners

Curatorial Research Centre Logo

The Curatorial Research Centre narrows the gap between creating knowledge and communication. Their philosophy is inspired by the concept of creating collections of things. The act of collecting is about constructing knowledge through stories. It is the curator’s purpose to share that knowledge as widely and equitably as possible through communication and interpretation.

Proper Provenance Logo
Proper Provenance LLC offers discrete fine art provenance research, due diligence, appraisal, and bespoke cataloguing services. We work with an international client base of private collectors, art advisories, art finance firms, lawyers, wealth managers, family offices, non-profits, and academics.

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Differentiate yourself in the market and add value to your customer relationships by cross-selling your art with ArtRatio smart display products.​


Benefits include a stunning display of art and luxury items, a low-risk entry point into the future of art conservation, a game-changing customer service proposition and a higher market value when the item comes back to sale in mint condition.

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