Smart Exhibition Plinths with Google Analytics

Learn what your customers like by monitoring the popularity of items on display


Stylish exhibition plinths for art, fashion and jewellery, with optional lighting and analytics.


Plinth measures popularity of the items on display by counting total time presence is detected. All data is anonymous and GDPR-compliant.


All data can be pushed to Google Analytics, allowing comparison of virtual visits on the product webpage vs. physical visits on the items.


Two LED modules, no UV, CRI>90, module height variable up to 26cm, total output 720 lumens, 90º swivel, 360º rotatable, dimmable.


Infrared proximity sensor detects presence, user-configurable capture distance from 5cm to 200cm, horizontal conical capture width of 4cm, silent operation, user-configurable delay avoids multiple triggers by same person.


User can specify any Google Analytics account where to receive the data, time-stamped with the timezone of the plinth. Reporting within Google Analytics is at user's own discretion.

Retail Metrics

Ever wondered why your web traffic or foot traffic is not converting into sales? 

ArtRatio Smart Exhibition Plinths measure the popularity of the item on display and push the data to your own Google Analytics account:-

  • High web traffic on the product page and yet few physical visits on the item can indicate poor product placement, translating into poor product visibility.
  • High volume of web or physical visits on the item and yet low sales may suggest a rethink of your product pricing or brand positioning.
  • Low web visits to a product and high physical visits may indicate you are missing out on higher digital traffic (and leads) and need to improve Google organic search rankings.
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