Smart Glass Display Frames

for Antique Maps, Photographs and Textiles

ArtRatio Frame Vitrine - Lit
ArtRatio Frame Vitrine - Dark

ArtRatio Wall Mounted Display Frames offer a spectacular view on fragile art and antique collections best viewed vertically, such as maps, paintings and textiles. ​

The switchable smart glass facade proactively reduces UV, infrared and visible light damage on light-sensitive materials, such as photographs, old newspaper and silk, by switching into a transparent state only when someone is viewing the item. ​

At all other times, the object sits in complete darkness, enjoying after-hours security for museums, antique luxury retailers and private collectors.

Our patent-pending cloud-based art conservation system reduces the risk of colour fading and structural breakdown by adjusting the glass transmittance and internal lighting before temperature, humidity and light levels exceed their limits. ​

We also publish an index of popularity to gauge how long the work has been viewed, giving an invaluable metric on visitor engagement. ​

This allows fragile, light-sensitive collections to be exhibited without exceeding international light exposure limits.

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  • Conservation-compliant powder-coated steel
  • Exterior colour to client spec
  • Security lock for artwork compartment
  • Passive humidity control
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  • 1 Panel of variable-tint smart glass, dimmable to any level
  • Min glass transmittance: <1%
  • Max glass transmittance: 49%
  • UV Blocking: 99%
  • Anti-bandit glass to BS EN 356 (P4A)
  • Internal LED lighting, colour rendering > 90, no UV
  • Allows compliance to CIE 157, BSI PAS 198 and CIBSE SLL LG8
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  • Smart Glass and LEDs activated by adjustable IR proximity sensor
  • WiFI connectivity to IEEE 802.11-n
  • Cloud-based portal monitors artwork popularity, temperature, humidity and light
  • Electrical Safety to 2014/35/EU
  • Mechanical Safety to 2006/42/EU
  • Electro-Magnetic Compatibility to 2014/30/EU


Case Study

Read about how ArtRatio currently protects the original map of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo at the Royal Engineers Museum in the UK.

Waterloo Map 1815 - original

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