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Educational resources to help collectors make better informed decisions on how to manage their art collections.

ArtRatio Webinar How Light Affects Art

How Does Light Exposure Affect your Art Collection?

This webinar looks at how light exposure can affect an art collection in terms of its condition and its value. Condition affects market value and light is the single factor that triggers deterioration in art. This webinar will explore the problem and suggest solutions to increasing the longevity and market value of your art collections.

Webinar - How to Display and Conserve Fine Wine Collections

Webinar - How to Display and Conserve Fine Wine Collections

This ArtRatio Webinar with Stuart George, Founder & Managing Director of Arden Fine Wines in Mayfair London, discusses the optimal conditions for the display and conservation of investor-grade fine wine collections.

About ArtRatio Webinars

Our objective is to educate private & corporate collectors, architects, interior designers and the art trade in issues central to art conservation, art collecting and art insurance. 


Webinar content will centre around art display, art conservation, art security, art lighting, sustainable art collections, corporate art events, black box art insurance, Art Display-As-A-Service and much more…

Target Audience

  • Private & Corporate Collectors
  • Institutional Collectors
  • Art Dealers & Galleries
  • Architects & Interior Designers
  • Luxury Retailers
  • Private Healthcare Providers
  • Luxury Hotels


  • 15 minutes in duration: ensures everyone can attend
  • free of charge to pre-registered participants
  • includes the possibility for partners to advertise within the content


Most frequent questions and answers

We target specific demographics and locations using Linkedin to ensure that a large number of qualified leads are driven to the webinar. If you decide to sponsor the content, you can decide exactly who is targeted, where they are located and other details of your potential participants.

ArtRatio normally writes all the content;

Alternatively, if you have a specific story or experience you want to talk about, you can write the content and ArtRatio edits it.

ArtRatio does. This includes promotion, contact management, reminders and post-webinar follow-up.

ArtRatio does. All participants must register prior to joining the webinar. We take care of the registration process as well as liaising for any special requests.

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