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Technical advances, new talent hires and achievements at ArtRatio.

European Patent Office Logo

March 2021

ArtRatio confirms European Patent

ArtRatio is delighted to have received from the European Patent Office (EPO) a patent for our algorithm which balances the exhibition and conservation of all light-sensitive objects.

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May 2020

ArtRatio signs formal partnership with Proper Provenance in New York.

ArtRatio is delighted to have signed a collaboration with Proper Provenance LLC in New York which will benefit our global customers through a combination of cutting-edge conservation, smart display and due diligence for art and luxury collections.


April 2020

ArtRatio launches Dashboard to improve display sustainability in the art & luxury sector.

ArtRatio launches an industry-first online tool to help collectors, institutions and retailers to display art and luxury items sustainably, whilst minimising the risk of deterioration. Visit the Dashboard.

Demo table at the Wellcome Trust

Feb 2020

ArtRatio loans smart glass display table to the Wellcome Collection.

ArtRatio loaned a demo smart glass display table to the Wellcome Collection in London to evaluate how this innovative technology can reduce light damage on, and improve the display of, art collections.

Sothebys Institute of Art - Image 1

Feb 2020

ArtRatio loans smart glass display table to Sotheby’s Institute of Art (London).

ArtRatio loaned a demo smart glass display table to Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London to educate students on this technology and explore aspects of user experience.

Sothebys Institute of Art

Feb 2020

ArtRatio CEO Manoj Phatak features as guest lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute of Art (London).

ArtRatio CEO Manoj Phatak had the honour of delivering four 1-hour lectures to participants on the MA in Art Logistics programme, discussing how smart materials, light exposure and conservation affect the display of art and luxury collections.


Aug 2019

ArtRatio launches Smart Glass World as the first industry-wide portal dedicated exclusively to the smart glass sector.

ArtRatio launches to educate consumers and customers in the technologies, markets, news and opportunities underpinning smart and functional materials.

Sir Isaac Newton Private Collection London - On

July 2019

ArtRatio delivers smart glass table to London-based private collector to protect original books by Sir Isaac Newton.

ArtRatio was delighted to install a 2m long smart glass table for a private collector in London to house 4 original works by Sir Isaac Newton.
This installation was of special importance to us personally, since Newton was responsible for many of the theories behind optics, which underpin the very technologies in ArtRatio products. We felt truly honoured!
Business Analytics Humidity Alarm Breached

June 2019

ArtRatio launches Business Analytics module to allow collectors, institutions and retailers to display, conserve, store and secure collections of art and luxury items.

The ArtRatio hardware / software system collects temperature, humidity, incident light, light exposure and popularity data in real-time and shows historical trends over time. All data is anonymous, GDPR-compliant and securely encrypted, allowing cloud-based access from wherever you are in the world to your collections, be they on exhibition, in storage or on loan.

Family Office Magazine Logo

April 2019

ArtRatio CEO Manoj Phatak features as Family Office Magazine guest contributor in the ‘Art & Museum’ supplement

ArtRatio CEO Manoj Phatak was delighted to be featured as a guest contributor in the ‘Art & Museum’ supplement of Family Office Magazine, spring 2019 edition, with an article entitled “How Does Light Damage Fine Art?” (p64).

Logo National Museum of Sweden

Sept 2018

ArtRatio delivers smart glass table to National Museum of Sweden

ArtRatio has delivered a customised Smart Glass table-vitrine to the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden. ArtRatio was delighted to learn that the museum chose to house the oldest items in their public collection; namely a rare collection of 15th century Books of Hours.

ArtRatio Privacy

May 2018

Updated Privacy Policy

In line with the GDPR regulations entering into force in May 2018, ArtRatio has updated it’s Privacy Policy to state clearly our obligations and your rights to data privacy.

ArtRatio Case Vitrine - Lit

April 2018

New Product Concepts

ArtRatio publishes new product concepts, designed specifically for private and corporate collectors desiring more natural light in the building facade, without jeopardising fragile art, antique and luxury collections on display.


March 2018

ArtRatio participates in SEAHA Industry Consultation Workshop at UCL, London.

ArtRatio was delighted to participate in the SEAHA Industry Consultation Workshop held at UCL in London, to debate current and future challenges in the heritage sector with academia, industry and other partners. SEAHA is an initiative of Oxford, UCL and Brighton Universities.

Carla Pohli - President - ArtRatio

Oct 2017

Carla Pohli, Chief Marketing Officer

Thrilled to confirm Carla Pohli has joined the ArtRatio team as Chief Marketing Officer. Carla brings experience in luxury retail, advertising and commerce and has degrees in Business and Japanese.

St Johns College - Logo

Feb – June 2017

ArtRatio vitrine on loan to St Johns College, Oxford Univ

Thrilled to see our demo art conservation vitrine on loan to St Johns College library, Oxford University

LAPADA Approved Service Provider

Feb 2017

ArtRatio sponsors LAPADA 2017 Annual Conference, House of Lords, Westminster Palace, London

ArtRatio had the great pleasure to be invited to  showcase an antique book at the LAPADA Conference 2017.

Feb 2017

ArtRatio is now a European Union Trademark

Very pleased to receive today a certificate of registration for our European Union Trademark.

TEFAF Antiques Trade Gazette
Feb 2017

ArtRatio on the front page of the Antiques Trade Gazette, TEFAF issue, Feb 2017

ArtRatio on the front page of the Antiques Trade Gazette, TEFAF issue, Feb 2017


Nov 2016

ArtRatio are now SEAHA Industrial Partners

ArtRatio is pleased to be listed as an Industrial Partner with the Oxford University backed Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA), which aims to meet future challenges in the heritage sector, industry and government.

Museums Association - Corporate Member Logo

Sept 2016

ArtRatio co-sponsors the 2016 Museums Association Conference in Glasgow

ArtRatio was proud to co-sponsor the 2016 Museums Association Conference in Glasgow on 7-8 Nov 2016, where we showcased our smart glass demo table.

ArtRatio is also pleased to announce that we are now corporate members of the Museums Association, the leading body for the UK museum sector.

Logo ArtRatio

Aug 2016

Company Name Changed to ArtRatio S.L.U.

Domoticware has now formally changed name to “ArtRatio S.L.U.” at the Mercantile Register of Alicante, effective today.

Art Business Conference Logo

July 2016

Co-sponsorship of the Art Business Conference on 1st Sept in London

ArtRatio is very pleased to confirm co-sponsorship of the Art Business Conference on 1st Sept 2016 in London, in which we will be exhibiting one of our products and participating in a round-table discussion about preserving the value of works of art.

Museums and Heritage - Logo

May 2016

Museums+Heritage Advisor

Domoticware is pleased to announce that we are now included on the Museums + Heritage Advisors directory under the sections: ‘Display Cases’, ‘Furniture Makers’ and ‘Solar Control Films’.

LAPADA Approved Service Provider

May 2016

Domoticware elected as LAPADA Approved Service Provider

Thrilled to announce that Domoticware has been elected as an Approved Service Provider at LAPADA – the Association of Art & Antiques Dealers in London.

Table Vitrine - Inclined - Front - Dark

Feb 2016

Domoticware delivers DX-2 Inclined Table to Private Collector in London

Domoticware delivers a DX-2 Inclined Art Conservation Table, using electro-optic glass to control light damage on sensitive works of art. The table is now housing an original map of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo in a private residence in London.

José Carrasco - CTO ArtRatio

Dec 2015

Domoticware appoints new Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

In his role as CTO of Domoticware, José brings extensive knowledge in power electronics and optics to the systems that control the smart glass in our patent-pending eConservation systems for art and luxury.

Joaquin Poquet - CAO ArtRatio

Nov 2015

Domoticware appoints new Chief Art Officer (CAO)

Joaquin’s responsibilities as Chief Art Officer at Domoticware involve a deep analysis of the requirements of each work of art so that our solutions are finely tuned to the needs of each object and to our client’s specific objectives.

European Patent Office Logo

Sept 2015

Domoticware files international PCT application at EPO

Domoticware is proud to announce the filing today at the European Patent Office of an application for international patent Nr. PCT/EP2015/071200 entitled : “DEVICES AND METHODS TO ACHIEVE EQUILIBRIUM BETWEEN CONSERVATION AND EXHIBITION OF LIGHT-SENSITIVE OBJECTS”.

1815 Waterloo Map, Royal Engineers Museum

June 2015

Royal Engineers Museum showcases Waterloo Map in a Domoticware DX-3 eConservation Frame

The Royal Engineers Museum in Kent re-opened to the general public on 10 June 2015, featuring a Domoticware DX-3 eConservation Frame which houses the original map of the battle that changed the face of European history. 


Feb-June 2015

Archaeological Museum of Alicante

Official opening today of the Book Corner in the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, with the Domoticware DX-2 eConservation Table providing light protection for an antique book by 18th century Spanish author Antonio Cavanilles.

Logo USPTO US Patent Office

Sept 2014

Domoticware files US Provisional Patent Application

Domoticware files provisional US patent application nr. 62054457 with title: “A Display System to Achieve Equilibrium between Conservation and Promotion of Light-Sensitive Objects of Artistic or Commercial Use”.

Logo El Mundo

Sept 2014

El Mundo News Article

Domoticware appears in Spanish national newspaper El Mundo with the prototype DX-2 Smart Display Table for Art and Luxury.

Antique book

March 2014

Domoticware 2014 Website Launch

Domoticware launches new website focussed on smart glass based products for museums, art collectors and luxury retailers.

Torres Guitar in Spanish Museum - Lit

Dec 2013

Spanish Guitar Museum opens

The Spanish Guitar Museum opened its doors in December 2013 and chose a Domoticware DX-1 eConservation Case to house an original and priceless Antonio de Torres guitar hand-made in 1888.

Torres Guitar in Spanish Museum - Dark

Dec 2012

Domoticware delivers DX-1 Smart Display Case to Spanish Guitar Museum, Almeria

Domoticware staff delivered 200 kg of steel, aluminium, glass and control electronics to the Almeria Town Council, owners of the Spanish Guitar Museum.


April 2012

New Linked-In Group “Smart Glass World”

Domoticware launches ‘Smart Glass World’ group on Linked-In to promote news and independent discussion on smart materials for construction such as:- SPD glass, PDLC glass, electrochromic glass, thermochromic glass and more.

Intelligent Glass Solutions Logo

Dec 2011

Article published in ‘Intelligent Glass Solutions’

Published article assesses the challenges faced by architects to balance LEED requirements which demand more light usage in cultural institutions against the conservation issue of protecting light-sensitive works of art.

Research Frontiers Inc Logo

July 2011

Article published on

Research Frontiers Inc [NASDAQ – REFR] publishes article on Domoticware Smart Display Case for museums which incorporates SPD glass to reduce photochemical damage on light-sensitive works of art. 

Almeria Town Council Logo

March 2011

Domoticware wins first contract to install intelligent display case at Museum of the Spanish Guitar (Almeria, Spain)

Domoticware is pleased to confirm a first contract to install our innovative smart display case solution in the Museum of the Spanish Guitar ‘Antonio de Torres’, an initiative of Almeria Town Council.

Logo British Museum

Dec 2010

Domoticware exhibits smart display case at British Museum (London)

Domoticware attracts interest from several UK museums for smart display case concept at Museums Association seminar held at The British Museum in London.

Logo El Mundo

Oct 2010

Domoticware appears in Spanish national newspaper

Spanish national newspaper ‘El Mundo’ publishes article on Domoticware’s innovative smart display cases for museums.

Oficina Patentes España - Spanish Patent Office Logo

Aug 2010

Spanish Utility Model granted

Domoticware Utility Model U200930667 (Protective Device for Objects Sensitive to Visible, UV and IR radiation) is granted at the Spanish Patent Office.