Private Collection of Isaac Newton Books

ArtRatio delivered a customised SmartGlass table to a private collector in London in July 2019. We were thrilled to hear that they decided to showcase 4 books by Sir Isaac Newton, one of the fathers of classical mechanics.

Customised steel and SmartGlass table

ArtRatio was commissioned to design and build a 2m long steel table, fitted with 4 panels of VariGuard SmartGlass, internal LEDs and the ArtRatio cloud-based control system.

The table limits damage from light exposure on fragile collections by activating the SmartGlass into a transparent state (and switching on the internal LEDs) only when someone is present. 

This gives a stunning exhibition of your collection that will wow your visitors, guests and customers.

Furthermore, the Artratio system flags environmental risks based on the sensitivities of the materials present, protecting the value of your collection for future generations.

Sir Isaac Newton Private Collection London - On

Protect Rare and Fragile Book Collections

The ArtRatio SmartGlass table automatically switches to its opaque state when no-one is present, blocking over 99.5% of visible light and 50% of infrared. It blocks over 99% of UV radiation at all times.

This reduces fluctuations in temperature and humidity, mitigates the risk of static electricity build-up, and reduces colour fading and structural damage due to light exposure.

Business Analytics

The ArtRatio Operating System monitors parameters of interest for the safekeeping and display of fragile collections.

This includes environmental data (temperature, humidity, light and light exposure) as well as data about visitor-engagement (if you are a museum) or customer-engagement (if you are a gallery or retailer).

From this data, we can extrapolate indices and ratios which tell us about the risk, the light balance and the popularity of your collection.

Business Analytics Humidity Alarm Breached

Technical Datasheet

Newton Table Datasheet

Fabricated in powder-coated baked 2mm thick steel and with Neoprene sealing gaskets, ArtRatio display products ensure compliance to museum conservation standards.

The internal humidity cartridges allow co-placement of silica gel beads to reduce the risk of fungi, mold and brittleness.

The proximity sensor on the front of the table detects presence from 5cm to 200cm and silently activates the SmartGlass and internal LEDs.

The configurable timer delay prevents on / off flickering when you receive large visitor groups.

All parameters are configurable over the in-table Intranet.


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